Senior Web Application Programmer Needed

联系人: see below
城市: St. Clair Shores, MI
发布时间: 2007-08-30 09:21:30
Active Media Architects, a world class Web and Internet application developer in St. Clair Shores, MI, is looking for an expert PHP 5 Web application developer and programmer with applicable professional experience to join our team of PHP/LAMP Web application programmers. This position requires an expert level knowledge of Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, AJAX, HTML/XHTML, Linux and Apache. You will be required to illustrate solid experience in all these technologies.

The ideal candidate will posses demonstrable experience in Object Oriented Programming and a complete and thorough knowledge of PHP and MySQL. The candidate will show a drive to be at the forefront of Web technologies and a desire to learn and work in a professional and fast paced environment.

Your role here will be to help plan, develop, research, code, test, and deploy complex website projects with minimal assistance as part of our development team. If you want to love where you work and be a part of implementing the newest and most cutting-edge web technologies around, this is the place for you!
Essential Skills

* High Degree of Analytical Intelligence
* PHP 5
* Object Oriented Programming
* Knowledge of design patterns, particularly the Model-View-Controller
* Low level knowledge of fundamental protocols used on the Net - HTTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, etc.
* Knowledge of Multi-Threaded and Multi-Process programming techniques
* In-Depth knowledge of Linux system administration and configuration
* Familiarity with common web application algorithms
* Knowledge of common data structures used in Web applications
* Knowledge of the underlying principles behind application and environment security
* Javascript

Bonus Skills

* Familiarity with common web APIs including Google, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
* Experience with online payment processing
* Experience working in a version controlled development environment
* Adobe Flex Experience
* ActionScript Experience

Apply for this Web Application Programmer Job Opening:

We accept applications from individuals only and will flattly reject any solicitations from recruiters or human resource representatives. Visit to apply today.

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