Event Announce from Adopted Chinese Children Association

联系人: see below
电话: see below
Email: reunion@cirquedechine.com
城市: Detroit, MI
发布时间: 2009-01-11 06:14:10
We have an exciting event coming up on July 11, 2009, for families with adopted children from China that I would like to make your organization aware of now so you may include it in your newsletter or announcements.

Briefly, to highlight the event, the original Adopted Chinese Children Association (ACCA) was conceived by our sister theater, Acrobats of China at the New Shanghai Theater in Branson, MO. That event has attracted over 600 attendees for each reunion. Based on Branson’s success and the interest shown locally, the Smoky Mountain ACCA branch has been sanctioned and is now in operation.

This is our way of saying a special “Thank You” for those families who have adopted Chinese children and are giving them the love they deserve. This experience will allow the Chinese children, and their families, to come into contact with true Chinese culture by witnessing the amazing acrobats of Cirque de Chine.

The total Reunion Package Event will introduce the Chinese children to, and allow them to play, traditional Chinese games. They will be able to make their own Chinese featured souvenirs and all adopted Chinese children will receive an exquisite gift package. The entire family will be able to enjoy the breathtaking and magnificent acrobatic show of Cirque de Chine.

In addition, an authentic Chinese lunch buffet will be served for those who want to experience true Chinese cuisine, not the neighborhood buffet, but one prepared by the acrobat’s chef from Shanghai.

For more information, please contact Elaine Chen at 1-800-826-2933, ext. 223 or (cell) 865-201-5055. Email: reunion@cirquedechine.com. or elynchen@nscc.biz. After December 22, use email only as the theater will be closed until March, 2009. Brochures are available.

Log on to website at www.smokymountainpalace.com and click on “Chinese Children.”

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