AIR Heating & RefrigerationAIR Heating & Refrigeration

地址: 1312 New Life Lane
城市: Rochester Hills
州: MI
邮编: 48309
电话: (248)652-8537
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发布时间: 2009-02-27 04:02:31

AIR Heating & Refrigeration started over 30 years ago. "AIR" has always been a family-owned, debt-free business. We desire to do quality work serving the greater Rochester Hills area. My three oldest sons and I (Gary), have been licensed mechanical contractors for many years. I have taught heating and air conditioning in trade school along with teaching high school sciences. My dear wife assists in answering the phone. We are thankful to God for our family and the privilege to serve others.

chinamanFurnace repair
2009-02-27 04:07:02
Two weeks ago our furnace broke down at midnight. The furnace was working, but the temperature just kept droping because air blown out from registers was cold. I found out that the furnace was not able to light up, so, either the carbon igniter or ignition circuit is broken. Called couple service but no one picked up but answering systems. Finally called AIR Heating & Refrigeration, and they told me if I want a technician came down before 8am, drive-out charge is $120 and $65 after 8am, so, I asked them to come down after 8 am. The technician actually came in at 15 before 8 am, and spent about a hour. Our furnace started working, and the totla charge is only 129. He showed me the broken part, the carbon igniter, and quoted a new furnace(80% ) installed at $1895. I'm totally satisfied with his service, proffesional attitude, and the quote.
优点: fast response, excellent service
不足: none

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